William Steiger

Pace Prints Inc

Wheat Pool: 14 color screenprint, image size 24" x 36", printed at Pace Prints.

William Steiger: Wheat Pool

Wheat Pool, 2008

Roy Boyd Gallery

Aerial Tramways: 20" x 16" each, oil on linen, 2008, at Roy Boyd Gallery.

William Steiger: Tramway Blue William Steiger: Tramway Green William Steiger: Tramway Red

Aerial Tramway Blue/Aqua, Green/White, Red/Violet

Solo Exhibition

William Steiger

April 18th-June 6th, 2008

Richard Levy Gallery
514 Central Avenue SW
Albuquerque, NM

Richard Levy Gallery is pleased to present Sugarloaves, a new body of work depicting rivers and islands by New York-based painter William Steiger. In the past, Steiger has focused on industrial iconography including grain towers, cable cars, trains and amusement park attractions. The images themselves are precise but the stark backgrounds do not rely on details specifying place or time, thereby allowing the viewer to invest their own memories in the landscape. This approach is carried over to the present series comprising islands on a horizon and aerial views of meandering rivers. Inspired by summers in Maine and what can be seen from a plane or a boat, there is a delicate balance between land and water. Extensive use of white emphasizes the abstract quality of the image while the colors and shapes of the land masses provide scale and depth.

Please contact Richard Levy Gallery for more information or additional images.

William Steiger: Little Sisters

Little Sisters (12x16)

William Steiger: Sugarloaves4

Sugarloaves #4 (12x16)

William Steiger: Switchback

Switchback (12x16)

William Steiger: Watercourse

Watercourse (12x16)