William Steiger

William Steiger: Tunnel at Queens Museum of Art

Queens Museum of Art – 2002

Solo Exhibitions

2024Marcia Wood Gallery, Long Way Home, Atlanta, GA
2023Margaret Thatcher Projects, Whistle Stop, New York, NY
2023Galerķa Ana Serratosa, Road Less Traveled, Valencia, Spain
2020Margaret Thatcher Projects, New York New York, New York, NY
2019Holly Johnson Gallery, Inventor, Dallas, TX
2018Margaret Thatcher Projects, Ghosts in The Machine, New York, NY
2018Koki Arts, Float, Tokyo, Japan
2016Margaret Thatcher Projects, THRILLS New York, NY
2015Margaret Thatcher Projects, Flight (Project Room), New York, NY
2015Pace Prints, Explorations & Surveys, New York, NY
2013Margaret Thatcher Projects, Lucky, New York, NY
2013Koki Arts, Window Seat, Tokyo, Japan
2012Gallery Ihn, In Plain View, Seoul, Korea
2011Roy Boyd Gallery, Rolling Stock, Chicago, IL
2011Pace Prints, Nickel Plate, New York, NY
2011Margaret Thatcher Projects, Manufactory, New York, NY
2010Marcia Wood Gallery, Whirl, Atlanta, GA
2010Margaret Thatcher Projects, New Collages, New York, NY
2008Margaret Thatcher Projects, Transport, New York, NY
2008Holly Johnson Gallery, Destination, Dallas, TX
2008Richard Levy Gallery, Sugarloaves, Albuquerque, NM
2007Roy Boyd Gallery, Junction - paintings 1997-2007, Chicago, IL
2006Margaret Thatcher Projects, Under a Telephone Pole, New York, NY
2005Marcia Wood Gallery, dreamland, Atlanta, GA
2005Kenise Barnes Fine Art, DrawPaintDraw, Larchmont, NY
2004Margaret Thatcher Projects, Land : Mark, New York, NY
2003Pentimenti Gallery, New Paintings, Philadelphia, PA
2002Margaret Thatcher Projects, Signal, New York, NY
2002Queens Museum of Art, 130 ft high, 65 thou gal, 1/2 mile deep..., Queens, NY
2002Rudolph Projects, Paintings, Houston, TX
2002Marcia Wood Gallery, New Work, Atlanta, GA
2000Margaret Thatcher Projects, New Paintings, New York, NY
2000Marcia Wood Gallery, New Work, Atlanta, GA
1999Hackett-Freedman Gallery, Landscapes And Mechanical Interventions, San Francisco, CA
1999Margaret Thatcher Projects, New Paintings, New York, NY
1998Marcia Wood Gallery, American Landscapes, Atlanta, GA
1996Condeso/Lawler Gallery, Paintings, New York, NY
1996Hackett-Freedman Gallery, Recent Paintings, San Francisco, CA
1994Condeso/Lawler Gallery, Paintings, New York, NY
1994Hackett-Freedman Gallery, Recent Paintings, San Francisco, CA
1992Condeso/Lawler Gallery, Paintings, New York, NY
1991Hackett-Freedman Gallery, Paintings From New York & California, San Francisco, CA
1990Condeso/Lawler Gallery, Paintings, New York, NY
1990John Slade Ely House, New Work, New Haven, CT

Selected Group Exhibitions

2021Koki Arts, Winter Show, Tokyo, Japan
2019Strohl Art Center, Getting Real, Chautauqua, NY
2019Margaret Thatcher Projects, Future Tense, New York, NY
2017Joshua Liner Gallery, When We Were Young, New York, NY
2013Margaret Thatcher Projects, New Year, New York, NY
2012Page Bond Gallery, Index: Prints by Prominent Mid-century and Contemporary Artists, Richmond, VA
2012Nuartlink, Of White, Westport, CT
2012Silas Marder Gallery, The Big Show, Bridgehampton, NY
2012Koki Arts, Inaugural Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
2011Bucknell University, Remix: International College Center, Lewisburg, PA
2011Margaret Thatcher Projects, White Hot, New York, NY
2011Kenise Barnes Fine Arts, Memory is A Metaphor, Larchmont, NY
2011Pace Prints, From A to Z, New York, NY
2010Pace Prints, New Editions, New York, NY
2010Margaret Thatcher Projects, Sea to Shining Sea, New York, NY
2010Richard Levy Gallery, The Painting Show, Albuquerque, NM
2009Pace Prints, 40th Anniversary Exhibition, New York, NY
2007Silas Marder Gallery, Country Side, Bridgehampton, NY
2007Holly Johnson Gallery, Drawing Conclusions, Dallas, TX
2007Kenise Barnes Fine Arts, Surf & Turf, Larchmont, NY
2007Royal Academy of Arts, Summer Exhibition 2007, London, U.K.
2007Pace Prints, New Editions, New York, NY
2006Gallery Ihn, Beyond the Sensibility, Seoul, Korea
2005Margaret Thatcher Projects, Summer Sensation, New York, NY
2005Hunter College, HEAVENLY, or a Slice of White, curated by: Julia Jacquette and Joie Rosen, New York, NY
2004Pentimenti Gallery, Indication, Philidelphia, PA
2004Galerie S65, Landscapes, Cologne, Germany
2004Evo Gallery, ART...CHITECTURE, Sante Fe, NM
2003Margaret Thatcher Projects, Project Room - New Etchings/New Paintings, New York, NY
2003Marcia Wood Gallery, Tickled, Atlanta, GA
2003Pentimenti Gallery, At Present, Philadelphia, PA
2002Apex Art Curatorial Program, Sans, Absense Presense, Curated by Allison Peters, New York, NY
2002Margaret Thatcher Projects, Breathing Room, New York, NY
2002Marcia Wood Gallery, Works on Paper, Atlanta, GA
2002 George Billis Gallery, LandEscape, Curated by Lisa Hatchadoorian, New York, NY
2002Percy Miller Gallery, In Your Time, London, U.K.
2002D.U.M.B.O. Arts Center (DAC), Theme, Source, Resource, Curated by Robert Poplack, Brooklyn, NY
2002Kenise Barnes Fine Art, 2002, Larchmont, NY
2001Rachofsky House, Two by Two for Aids and Art, Dallas, TX
2000Gallery Korea, Stark Narratives, New York, NY
2000Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Great Escapes, Larchmont, NY
2000Rachofsky House, Two by Two for Aids and Art, Dallas, TX
1998Margaret Thatcher Projects, What's on the Wall, New York, NY
1998Rudolph Poissant Gallery, New Work, Houston, TX
1997Caldwell College, Relocating Landscape: East and West, Caldwell, NJ
1996Condeso Lawler Gallery, Summer Show, Caldwell, NJ
1995Albright-Knox Museum, New York Selections, Buffalo, NY
1993 Condeso Lawler Gallery, Landscapes, Buffalo, NY
1991 First Street Gallery, The Industrial Landscape, New York, NY
1990 Albright-Knox Museum, New York Selections, Buffalo, NY
1990 Munson Gallery, Landscapes, New Haven, CT
1986 Civic Art Museum, Fields of Vision, Walnut Creek, CA
1985 Eloise Smith Gallery, Landscapes, Curated by Terry St. John, Santa Cruz, CA
1985 Glastonbury Gallery, Done in the Open, San Francisco, CA
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